THE Studio

Curative Art Leasing

Jacqueline Rudolph Studio can provide your business with the advantage of having fresh and energetic fine art installations. Imagine you could have art curated in your business every quarter, or even more often. With Jacqueline Rudolph Studio, you will have a vibrant and exquisite art selection. Your personal curator will take color, wall placement, and overall aesthetic into consideration when selecting your pieces. You will be notified of incoming installations and may request changes to those selections. Ultimately you will be provided with a space that is renewed, reborn and energetic. 

The Process

It all starts with a meeting to discuss your business ethos, mission statement, overall aesthetics and assess the dimensions of the leased wall spaces. An estimate will be provided based on the size of the wall space leased and frequency of installs. Upon approval of the estimate and signing of a lease agreement, your first Fine Art Installation will be scheduled. Before every art installation, we will provide a preview for review. 

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