THE Artist

Bio & Artist Statement

I am a self taught artist who creates Contemporary Figurative Sculpture and Modern Impressionist Portraits. My life experience as a native New Mexican, my travels, along with my interests in Cultural Anthropology, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Design have influenced my work and vision.

JacquelineRudolph-photoThe work is my passion, voice and dialogue with self. When I sculpt or paint it fills me with a sense of contentment and integrity that has proven to serve well as a vessel for translating the anatomy of the spirit to an empowering awareness. I draw inspiration from the strength and resilience of the human form.

I work in a variety of mediums with a concentration on bronze sculpture. I use the face and the human form as subject matter to convey a provocative experience of self discovery. From my earlier to current bodies of work, the theme of empowered spirit remains consistent and all embody a majestic beauty that emanates from venerability, courage and a strength of grace.

I create from the inside out. Though I work deliberately and consciously using traditional, as well as innovative techniques and methods, my subconscious is ultimately my guide.

The revelation of my work is “In the commonality of spirit lies the power of self.”

~ JR