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Woman Warrior I : The Power of Warrior

Woman Warrior I ( The Power of Warrior) is an ongoing series of impressionist portraits of celebrity iconic women who have experienced the plight of breast cancer.

This plight is about life, the battle to live and at the same time the enhancement of living. These portrayals bring light to the graciousness of taking space in ones’ lifetime and births ones’ purpose.

These Images serve as a platform to celebrate these brave warriors who have earned their warrior status by taking an adverse situation and transforming it to the power of warrior.

The power of warrior is about the feminine power in itself. It’s about ones’ self worth, purpose and the responsibility of leadership. This is primarily a women’s disease and is about how women see themselves and their value. It is the opportunity to educate and inspire others.

Unfortunately these representations are only a few of the many brave women who face breast cancer, but the ones that I have chosen to celebrate represent the scope of the disease and the individual choices and battles they faced.

These brave women warriors demand a presence to inspire, educate and harness in it’s full capacity. the power of warrior.

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