THE Studio

Marketing Aesthetics

Jacqueline Rudolph Studio provides you with customized fine art for your marketing platform. Our mission is to capture your ethos and mission statements and reflect them as marketable products such as posters, tee shirts, labels, menu covers, calendars, artwork on walls, and labels on products. Jacqueline Rudolph has always had a passion for creating artwork with a statement and purpose. We will put that statement and purpose to work for you and supply your business with a sense of authenticity. 

The Process

It all starts with a meeting. Jacqueline Rudolph Studio will work personally with you to ensure that your mission statement, ethos, and any other sentiments of your business are understood. The next meeting will be a preliminary design meeting with mock ups of your image or images that you will have full creative control over. Our team then provides you with a final Fine Art image that you license to be reproduce as giclee prints, posters, tee shirts, menu covers, calendars, and labels on products. We pride ourselves on expediency. Images can be created very quickly. 

Pricing packages for these services are individualized to meet the specific marketing needs of each client.

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