THE Work

Female Contingent Series

“The Female Contingent” is a group of expressionistic portraits symbolizing the feminine power through the commonality of the female plight within their ethnic identities.  The female condition is one of oppression based on the prelude that women are inferior.

This cohort of female warriors embellishes the feminine condition. They are seductively attractive while manifesting the strength to surmount the obstacles that are contingent with being female. The female condition does not see color or race, it infects all women equally. The key is to embrace this affliction and create a voice that sings the praises of being female. Being female is the ultimate resource, the means to create life.

Imagine women uniting to create world peace, while using female strength to build a bridge across the void of prejudice which engulfs us.  Envision the power of a mother’s love, unconditional, all encompassing, insuperable, and dream of the possibilities that such love could endow. Conceive of the passion of the feminine power, the potential to change all that is wrong to right, all that is bad to good. This vision, the unification among women, is the answer to change.