THE Work

Feminine Brown Series

The New Mestiza

She is a multitude of races, cultures and ideologies. She does not belong to one category, but intertwines with a range of others. The two terms most commonly used to describe people with mixed-race ancestry are mestizo and mulatto. She is both, she is the New Mestiza. However, this does not bring absolute acceptance. She is ambiguous and has no actual place she can call home. Like a drifting spirit she spends her time trying to figure out who she is, where she belongs.

She is creating a new path towards looking at the world. Eliminating sexist oppression and uniting all peoples, forming a new society that has a balanced ideology. Leaving all the negative social roles behind and connecting ourselves to the world. She redefines herself and the surroundings she is in, she is complex and focused in the direction she wants to head and ultimately lead.